Min krönika i Arjeplog Times nr 3

Presence in the Present

For many of us, planning for tomorrow is as much a part of our daily lives as living in the present is. We think of what we are going to do the next day, the next weekend or on the coming vacation - planning, dreaming and striving to fulfill all the expectations we have created. Others' lives are built up by comparing the present to the past. The one is no better than the other.

Far too seldom do we take the time to live in the present and to experience the essence of the present. To feel sensations, to smell scents, to taste flavors, to see views, to simply enjoy what is surrounding us. Simply being able to be present in the present.

A few months ago I read an article about mindfulness and I was struck by what I read. I realized how much we miss in our everyday life and how being unaware of the present affects us. Since then I've tried to be more present in the now and to be more aware of my own presence in the present.

But I've also realized how much practice it takes to become more aware of the present. It is so easy to relapse into old habits. But I'm slowly getting better and better. Nowadays I try to experience more of everyday life just by practicing to feel, touch, smell, see and taste life. It has given new dimensions to simple things in everyday life, i.e. experiencing the serenity of standing in the queue at Konsum or swimming lap after lap in the pool at the sports centre. Feeling how your muscles are working while you are swimming and feeling the sensation of the water flowing around your body can give extra value to your life.

So, stop for awhile and think about what you feel, look around and notice what you see, listen to the sounds surrounding you and you will find that life is so much more than you realized before. Try to become present in the present and enjoy the feeling of being aware of your presence in the present. It will enrich your life.


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