Min krönika i veckans Arjeplog Times

What is going on?

Sometimes I am asked the question: What is going on in Arjeplog? People say there is so little information about what is happening. During certain periods it may seem like very little activity is taking place and little is happening. But many people forget that a lot of things happen behind closed doors. Not everything we do can openly be displayed since it could disturb the processes that are going on.

When I look back on 2007 and the beginning of 2008 I see that a lot of things have happened. The planning of the new hotel at Skeppsudden is a very important thing for the future development of Arjeplog. It is important to promote competition in the hotel business here. I really hope that they will get all the necessary permissions soon so they can start building the hotel which has to be ready at the beginning of next winter season. I also hope that the hotel will be kept open all year round.

Another important task during 2008 has been the process of putting together a new program of growth and development for the municipality of Arjeplog. There were many meetings with the citizens last summer and autumn. The end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 have been dedicated to writing this program of growth and development that the municipal council will decide on at the end of April.

The major issue during 2007 has been the endeavors to get replacements for the jobs lost when the company EDB shut down their business here in Arjeplog. These efforts have been executed mainly out of the public eye. It has taken a lot of time and energy and has unfortunately not given the expected results yet. This work will of course continue until we have replaced all the jobs that were lost.

Another big issue is whether Arjeplog should accept unaccompanied asylum-seeking children or not. This has been quite a difficult question and the process of decision has been long. The final decision will be made by the municipal council at the end of this month.

Other positive events include the establishment of the Polaris experience center, the inauguration of the new daycare centre, the new bus station and the extension of The Silver Museum.

So what has been going on? The answer is simply: "Lots of things".


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