Krönikan i arjeplog Times nr 7

The Return of the Light

It is amazing to see how fast the light is returning to our area now at the beginning of the spring-winter season. You can almost see from day to day that the brighter part of the day is getting longer. At least you can feel it mentally, and as the daylight returns you start feeling stronger as the level of your energy rises. In many ways it feels like the awakening of Nature also awakens us human beings as well.

But most of all the return of the light is like a promise to us - a promise that spring will give birth to everything around us that is resting and waiting to blossom. It is also the promise of a coming summer which will give us the opportunity to charge our own personal batteries and to gather strength so we are able to make the best of everything.

Here in the north, the return of daylight is mainly a promise of the coming season of spring-winter. The fifth season is the best of all the seasons. It is when the days get warmer and sunnier but the nights are still cold enough to preserve the snow from melting too fast, so you can go out and enjoy the countryside.

The knowledge of what is coming makes us all expectant, almost like children at Christmas time. We are longing and yearning for the beautiful days we are used to in spring-winter, when the sky is almost unnaturally blue, the sun shines and the snow is incredibly white. All this creates a sparkling and breath-taking brightness that overwhelms you.

Anyhow, enjoy the return of the light and let the brightness embrace you!


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